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Frozen Mushroom Nameko

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  • MaterialFresh delicious green nutrition
  • Size100 * 100 * 100 mm
  • Weight10 kg
  • Payment TermsT/T,Western Union
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    Company Introduction:

     1. Established in Mar. 2015 in SHENZHEN & Certified with HACCP, ISO9001:2008 & QS;

    2. Being the largest and professional manufacturer and supplier of Wild and Cultivated Mushroom in the west of China,concentrating on cultivation, research, plantation, manufacturing and export;

    3. Brined, Canned, FD, AD, IQF branch factories are well equipped;

    4. Holland’s planting technology was introduced for the establishment of mushroom-growing house bases to guarantee a steady supply of materials;

    5. Japanese equipments and technology were introduced to guarantee the quality of PE Package, FD, IQF Mushroom;

    6.Main products: Boletus Edulis, Morchella Esculenta(Morel)Cantharellus Cibarius,Red Boletus,Suillus Granulatus, Truffles, StrophariaCollybia AlbuminosaMatsutake, Champignon Mushroom, Nameko, Shiitake,Oyster Mushroom, Hypsizigus Marmoreus, Agaricus Blazei.


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Frozen Mushroom Nameko

Frozen Mushroom Nameko